Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Weekly Goals for 1-4/1-7

Well, yesterday I not only reached the 500 word daily goal for #WIP500, but I caught up on the first few days that I missed earlier this month. I'm honestly getting more and more excited about this idea. Anything that gets me writing more often is a good thing. All right, now onto my goals for the week:

1.) Figure out what the goals/tasks should be for my heroes in "Child of Three"
2.) Figure out the rules of the "game" in "Child of Three"
3.) Start getting some characters sheets put together for the cast of characters in "Child of Three"
4.) Continue to write at least 500 words a day
5.) Post completed short stories on my deviant art page (maybe on here depending on the quality)
6.) Come up with more short stories to write to fill in the gaps when I'm unable/unwilling to work on "Child of Three"

I think those are good for now and some of them will most likely even work as monthly goals as well. As for right now I have a silly sort of fluff fic that I finished yesterday that needs a bit of polishing before I post it. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


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