Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I'm back!!

It's been awhile hasn't it? Almost two years! I guess the craziness of the past two years has something to do with that, huh? It makes it difficult to write when you are living in a house with a curious baby who loves electronics. My laptop was never safe as long as my nephew was around. Then, when Jon finally found a new job in his field and I was able to write again without interruptions, I had completely forgotten about my blog! Thankfully a conversation with my adorable little sister this morning reminded me that I need to start working on this again. If I can get people to follow me and hold me accountable, maybe I'll get even better as a writer!

So, to update on what I've been working on (or changes in my life) since I posted last:

1.) Eyes on Fire (like a crazy person!!) - I've actually written close to 80,000 words on it since I decided to make it a priority. The really crazy thing? This is 80,000 words worth of scenes, not even a put together book! I seem to write better when I'm not trying to go from point A to point B.

2.) I finished "Failure" a fan fiction that I started around the time I got married (almost 5 years ago!). For some reason last summer I just got in a groove and started pounding it out. Before I knew it I had a 56,000 word novella and I had finished a story that meant a lot to me. It took some serious editing, but right now I'm at about 200 reviews on one site and 120 on another. It's probably not the best story I've ever written, but it is definitely one that I am very proud of.

3.) NaNoWriMo!  Not only have I won 3 camp sessions since 2012 (including both sessions from last summer), I also won November NaNo in 2012 and 2013. I've been on a roll! I've written short stories, fanfiction, Eyes on Fire scenes and I even tried my hand at a Christmas romance... it didn't pan out well. All in all, I've been kicking butt and taking names. I even made a few new writing friends in Cabins and on the forums. Yay for writing friends!

4.) Shared my writing - Now, this might not seem like a big deal to the rest of you, but sharing Wolf and my Eyes on Fire tidbits was a huge leap for me. This is the first time I have willingly shared my original fiction since I was in High School, working on a really cheesy/terrible Historical Romance called "Destiny."  The fact that I was able to share Wolf with anyone was a huge leap for me, since I honestly believed that I was going to keep it entirely to myself forever. Now, I've shared it with six people and though that may not sound like much, it's HUGE for me. That is six more people than I ever intended to see it, ever.  Eyes on Fire was easier to share and so far my little brother (and biggest fan of the series) has been an enormous help to me. I'm finally realizing why it's a good idea to have a circle of people that read your stuff before you publish it.

Non writing stuff!!

5.) My family has grown- Not only is my little nephew turning two on Monday, my brother and his wife had a little girl last July. And then, Jon's sister-in-law had a little boy in October! So Jon and I are now the proud aunt and uncle of two adorable little boys and two adorable little girls. We are so blessed!

So that is what has been happening in my life since April of 2012. Probably doesn't seem like much to most of you, but it has been an amazing two years for me.  I also have some big goals for 2013... but I'll save that for tomorrow.