Friday, January 6, 2012

Hiatus (Already!?)

Yes, you read the title right. Unfortunately I'm going to have to wait until February to start on all of those wonderful goals I listed earlier this week. I may have a few minutes to myself between now and then, but with a family like mine, that is highly doubtful.

Yesterday I got some surprising news. My sister-in-law, who wasn't supposed to deliver until the beginning of February, is going to be having her baby by next weekend. With some quick thinking (and even quicker budgeting) my husband and I figured out a way to get me to Kansas so I could help out with the new bundle of joy. So, while I am beyond thrilled to have this opportunity to play with my new nephew, I won't have much time to do any writing.

Don't think I'm giving up though, I'm just going to be taking a three week break so I can help out with the new baby. Is it obvious that I love children? If not, let me say it again... "I get to help with a new baby!!!!!!"


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