Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Beginning of a Journey

I'm not what you would call a typical writer.

Oh sure, I sit at a computer for hours at a time, struggling over plots that I love and I let my heart bleed onto the paper. I create characters that I hope are as likable to others as they are to me. I spend weeks, months, even years sometimes, working on outlines for my stories so that I really know how everything comes together. The only thing I can't do is commit to one thing at a time.

I guess you could say that I'm flighty, that I have commitment issues, even that I don't care enough about what I'm writing to give it my full attention. None of these things are true, but that doesn't change the way other people see me.

The way I see it is that I have so many ideas in my head at one time that it isn't fair to only work on one at a time. I have so many characters screaming to be let out, begging me to tell their story. I just can't put my heart and soul into one thing and ignore all of the other ideas that I love just as much. But this is hopefully about to change.

You see, I had a dream last week that changed my life. Oh, I know that a lot of writers say the same thing. It's an interesting way to explain that idea that seems so perfect and wonderful that no one could possibly believe it just came to you. Readers like to imagine that this sort of thing could happen to them as well, that maybe they just haven't had the right dream yet. Honestly, all ideas could be said to come from dreams. After all, what is an idea if it isn't an intrusion into your daydreams?

This is all beside the point of course, because I really did have a dream. In my entire life I have only once had another dream that seemed begging to be written. This one though was louder, more clear, more perfect. Names, titles, characters walked into my head and captured my heart before I was even aware that they had done so. One character in particular was so real that I feel I already know her. Thank goodness I have a husband who is not only my biggest supporter, but a writer himself. Within hours of waking from this dream he helped me fill out so many pieces that were missing. For now, it will tentatively be known as "The Child of Three." As someone who hasn't read very many fantasy/adventure/questing type stories this should be an interesting journey for me.

With this revelation came the understanding that this wasn't just an idea, it was THE idea. I've had story ideas in the past that I knew were marketable, I knew would be big hits if I could just get them out on paper, but never before have I had this insatiable desire to give these characters a life and home on the page. I've also never before been this terrified to share an idea. I guess the two go hand in hand.

So, the time has come for me to commit myself to one project. This morning I discovered #WIP500 http://www.caramichaels.com/defiantlyliterate/wip500/#.TwKL0jmJQws.twitter and I have decided to give this a fair shot. I'm sure that I will falter, that I'll get frustrated with "The Child of Three" and need to take a break and work on other things, but I'm determined to make this my main project. As of here and now I'm declaring my goals for this year and the more people know about it, the harder it will be to fail. I'm counting on this.

My Goals for the Year
1.) Finish a rough draft of Child of Three
2.) Write 500 words a day (minimum)
3.) Post on this blog once a week (more if possible)

For right now these three goals are enough. I'll also be posting my weekly goals and my monthly goals as well. I'm hoping that by making smaller goals at regular intervals I can keep myself on pace and ultimately reach my big yearly goals.

So, is anyone interested in joining me in the #WIP500 project? I know from experience that it is much more enjoyable (not to mention easier) to achieve a goal if other people are working toward the same goals. I'll welcome any and all support on this and I promise to offer mine as well. If no one is interested, well, I'll just ask that you help cheer me on. This will probably be the most difficult thing I've ever tried to do... so wish me luck.


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